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Free SEO Webinar: Setting-Up Google Business Profile Webinar 11-06-2022

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Setting-Up Google Business Profile Webinar 11-06-2022


(00:03): Okay, so we’ll be recording the seminar here. And so, then that way I’ll put that on to SEO Sundays and you could go through it if you missed some of the things that I might have mentioned while we’re through here like that. My name is Bruce Jones. I’ve been doing SEO for like 18 years, I think. And so I had my own company for 11 years. I sold that six years ago. Started a couple of other companies. I have a SEO job board, and I even have a website for virtual assistance in the Philippines, virtualassistancephilippines.ph. So I’ve created that myself just so that I could help American companies find workers in the Philippines, cuz I think it’s a good deal for myself and I think it’s a good deal for other people like me.

(00:57): I have a SEO training company, so at 1 on 1 SEO Training, and that’s where I charge money for I train business owners, marketing professionals, things like that. I also have a SEO consulting company for people that don’t wanna learn and just want to pay somebody to do search engine optimization for them. And that’s it. So there’s a lot of stuff about SEO I’ve been doing for a long time. Let’s go to the next screen.

(01:28): So, one thing related to Google business listings, or what it used to be called, Google My Business in the past was Google kind of always evolves and changes things. So this is what a Google search looked like in 2015. So it had the ads on the right and rolled over to the top, they had the organic listings and that was it. So looking for a search for car insurance in this instance. 2022 for the same keyword, now we have the ads at the top, so it’s all one column now, there’s the ads at the top. You have three Google business listings in the middle, and then the organic listings finally, down through there. So I think it’s a big advantage of being one of those businesses that might show up at the top of the list.

(02:19): Some of the things here have to deal with well, why did these businesses show up when I did this search where I’m located? Proximity-based is one of the factors. Other factors might be, what was the name of their company? How many reviews did they have? A whole bunch of other things. Did they optimize their profile? Did they add new posts every week? Like we’ll go over a little bit. So just things Google looking at it and saying, Do you care about your Google listing or not so much? The ones that where people do care and keep updating it, those are the ones that are more likely Google’s gonna put at the top of the list.

(03:01): So here’s some different reasons maybe that you’d wanna take the time to make your Google Business listing even better. So when I did that search on the previous screen there, half of the people are deciding that they’re going to make a decision who they’re gonna work with based on whoever shows up in the map pack. Not too many people, half of them I guess are gonna scroll past the map pack, but a lot of people are are looking through there like that. The only thing above Google Business listings are paid ads through there like that. So that’s a very big advantage for local businesses for sure. More people are searching Google for local items because they’re finding what they want a little bit easier like that as well.

(03:58): So one thing when I started the last couple of companies here about three years ago, I saw that there was a really big advantage to doing Google My Business listings. And so, sometimes I would bump into people that already had other clients or they were working with an SEO company, they had local clients. So let’s say it was like a roofing company, but their SEO company wasn’t doing anythingas far as, Hey, you guys, you mind going on mute there? Thank you very much. And you perhaps too, Paul. So at the end of the meeting here, so one thing is this seminar’s gonna be recorded so you can listen to it afterwards, and also, we’ll do some question answers and stuff like that at the end. So we could even share some of the stuff that you wanna show at the same time.

(04:54): So this thing here I kind of made up that says, if you’re working with an SEO company and you’re not doing Google My Business stuff, and you have local customers, man, they’re really doing SEO, they’re missing the boat because Google Business listing is really where the gold is today, if you have local searches or local customers.

(05:24): Now, here’s a business listing that it talks about is the listing verified? What if you don’t own this particular listing? So here’s a listing of a veterinarian and there’s a little arrow there that says, own this business. You would click on that little button and then it brings up a screen that says, this listing has already been claimed by another email address. Maybe it was a past marketing company. If you push request access, it sends them an email and it asks for you to be a manager of that account. If they don’t answer, then in another week or so, do the request access again, and Google will give you access to it. The other person on the other side could reject it. And then if that’s true, then you won’t get access either. But I guess the point here is that you can get access to a Google My Business account, even if you’re not a current manager of that. They’ll probably say to send a postcard to your address and then go like that.

(06:44): So that’s, if it was already claimed. If it’s not claimed, or maybe there’s no Google My Business or Google Business listing already for it, then you could just go to Google and search for that and start a new business. So you start filling out all the blanks. And one of the things that’s probably the most important is to take the time to fill in all the different blanks through there. That’ll help you in the end, put your website url, What’s your phone number? What’s your business hours? Do you take MasterCard? Filling it in as completely as possible. And then, Google sends a postcard to your location to so that they could validate it. That postcard has a five digit code that you plug into Google, and then that’s how you say, yes, I’m at this location through there like that.

(07:41): So when you go to Google Business Manager, this is what the screen looks like on the back end. And this just changed a week ago. This is what it used to look like here, but now Google is trying to push everybody over to not having this dashboard anymore, and manage all of the details of your listing inside right on the search results. So this is what the new view looks like when you log in. So it ends up today that you have you can edit your profile, edit or answer reviews, set up products, all the different things right from these icons inside of there. But a short while ago, Google My Business looked like this a week ago. They were talking about rolling it out, but it seems to be out there everywhere. And so, if you just do a search for your company name in Google, and if you’re the manager of it or the owner, then this is what your view is gonna look like. And we’ll check out some of these things live here at the end.

(08:59): One part that I would like to stress would be taking the time to fill in all the blanks. Things like, what date did you start your business? Most, some people would say like, why do I bother filling in all those blanks? But in the end, there’s a query that, when you do a Google search, Google says, this business has been in business for six years or 10 years or things like that. So, if you don’t take the time to fill in the blanks, you won’t even be part of that query. There’s other, you know a veteran-owned business or women-owned business or a number of different things. So that might be a value there, especially if your customers care about those type of classifications through there. For me, I don’t know personally, it’s kinda a little bit weird where they have black owned business, Asian owned business, all those different things, and then it’s like, Hey, I thought we were supposed to be the most inclusive. Why are we making labels for each other to divide ourselves up at the same time? It doesn’t make any sense there.

(10:07): And also, I’ve seen new things appear on Google very often. So I’m a veteran. I was in the army way back when I first turned 17, that’s when I joined the Army. And I just happened to notice on the back end of my own Google business listing, there was a place, a check mark that says veteran owned business. And so, I took the time to fill in the blank like that, and then I ended up receiving, let’s see if I can, so this is like a metal coin that was in a little plexiglass holder. And here it separates.

(10:54): So it was a Google Challenge Coin that was sent to all of the people that took the time to fill in that they were a veteran owned business. I told all my friends that were veterans. Of course, the next year they took the time to fill in the blanks on theirs, but it looked like Google had only sent out that one time deal. But I opened it and was like wow, this is a real package it’s not paper and it’s from Google. I couldn’t believe it myself, so that was kind of cool. Maybe someday there’ll be something else that goes around like that.

(11:33): First part is making sure you pick the right business categories. So the way that it works is you could have up to 10 business categories, but you need to make sure that you select the most important one first. And then you could add other secondary categories. So maybe your company, you are a roofing company, that’s your primary category, but you also do gutter cleaning or gutter repair as a secondary category there like that. So if somebody was looking for replacement gutters, of course Google’s gonna show the most likely the roofing companies. But what I found is the ones that were at the top were the ones that also had the additional category of gutter cleaning that appeared to be more of, they did gutter related things like that. And so, it’s a little bit of a challenge sometimes of going through. Google has 4,000 different categories and you have to pick one of those 4,000.

(12:35): You don’t get a chance to ad lib it and just do a category freehand. And so, on this link here it shows, that was on my website, I have those 4,000 categories posted on a page, like a resource page on my website. And maybe it’ll be easier for you to collect them up there and then go to Google to fill in the blanks. I figured that was a good resource to just to create myself, and go from there. So make sure that you have the right category selected. Sometimes I work with new businesses, so let’s just say, I don’t know, it’s a factory. And when I look at what their main business category was, it just said corporate office. It’s like, no, it’s a manufacturing place that makes certain products. So for sure that’s not the right thing. And we know why when people were doing a search for the product or service that they were offering, they weren’t showing up, because they just told Google that they were a corporate office. And that’s what their listing was and they had nothing else below that.

(13:49): You kind of want to get those things set correctly in the beginning and not just change them over time. It’s okay to like add additional ones. There’s even some tools that you could see what your competitor’s categories are, and that might give you insight of what you should become. I’ll show you a little bit more after we go through the PowerPoint here. That one tool, it’s free.

(14:20): The next part is getting your address correct. So the official post office has the database of all the addresses in the country. And if you’re saying your address is different than what matches the post office’s database, well then, you maybe missed an opportunity there a little bit. But it’s easy enough just to click this link and look it up. And my home address is 362 Meadow Green Drive. So I was always putting D-R-I-V-E, but I looked up this and found out that the official address was Dr. So now, I just stop at that point and just use that. And sometimes maybe, I go to some more modern website where it looks up your address and yep, pretty much that’s what they’re using all the time. There’s never a variation of what the post office has.

(15:19): There’s a link here for Moz as well that, you could add your business information, I think just the business name, your phone number, and then it could look and see all of the listings that are out there. Maybe you have a Yahoo listing, maybe you have a Facebook listing, and they’re not matching what the official name is. And so then, it’ll give you an opportunity to fix those.

(15:48): This part here is what it looks like at the end of filling out all of the information for Google, where it sends a postcard to you. And I know from my own experience, that those postcards end up going in the garbage very many times. I even had dropped one in a recycle bin and I had to pull it out. And I’m like, Wow. Now I understand why sometimes with my own clients the person that’s in charge of the mail room is throwing them away cuz it looks like spam here, just about. It’s just a little one fold postcard that says Google in really small print on the front, that it’s from Google. You open it up, gives you five digits, doesn’t say much else, and then that’s what you use to verify. So after it mails the postcard, the next time you log into Google Business listing, it’ll give you a spot to fill it in. Then a manual person at Google, then looks it over and says, Okay, this is good to go. And then it officially goes live on Google Maps.

(16:55): One of the other places inside of Google Business Listings are services. So services have for every category you can put a number of different services. And for every service you could have up to a 300 character description of each service. So let me tell you a story of one time I was making a page, a landing page for SEO in Los Angeles. Let’s just use that as an example. And so, I did a search on Google Maps for SEO Los Angeles, and it showed me over a list of over 300 different businesses. Then I did another search SEO consultant Los Angeles, and it showed me eight, like eight only eight business. There’s 300. Like there should be 300 this list. What are those eight have in common? And it took me a while to try to figure it out because you can’t see services on a desktop computer.

(18:00): You can only see it on your phone. But in the end, those eight businesses that showed up in that search had SEO consultant as a category. So it’s like, wow, that was so powerful. So I’m kind of here to share that with you, that making sure that you add an additional service that is a match to what people are searching for. Because if I didn’t add in the service of SEO consultant, I’m not gonna be one of those eight at that point in time. That’s kind of how easy it is.

(18:40): Here’s what it looks like for services and taking the time to fill out the business or the service description here. So you have up to 300 characters. Using the right keywords of course is an important factor. So in the end, there’s a very long list of different services. Periodically, Google suggests other services. So you might log into your Google account and see that Google has a suggestion and there’s some information up at the top in orange and it’s wanting you to accept or verify its suggestion. So when you look at services, then it adds other things into here like this. One of the things of my own business, so this, I have a SEO training company and just this morning I realize now, I should have saved it to show here, but Google has suggested that I do Google Ads.

(19:39): I’m like, but I don’t really do Google ads. So then I had to knock that one out of there and remove it. But in the end if it offers a suggestion like that, you should either reject it or accept it, but not leave it unanswered. What I’ve found is, I manage quite a few company’s Google Business Listings, and I see that the listings that we don’t take the time to accept the additions, Google sort of puts it in a holding pattern and doesn’t want to rank it as high as if the listing was suggested through there like that. If you accepted it, then it would be like, oh, okay, so this is the company that cares about their Google listing. Google is more likely gonna show that one off.

(20:32): Next part is posts. And you could add social media type of posts. There’s a couple different types of them in here and in the end, sometimes some people don’t wanna go through all of the information with it, but they might say, Just tell me the one thing, Bruce, that’s the most important. I don’t have time to listen to everything that you have to say. And the answer I would say would be to put a new post every week because they expire in seven days. And so, that’s probably the biggest thing that we do when we’re managing Google Business Listings for our clients. So you could add posts that are updates or promotional offers, might just be free estimates, or receive X when you order Z.

(21:27): There’s also an event section. So then if you had an event coming up, you could put that into your Google Business post. And then there’s just the regular normal updates, like something, it’d look similar to what you put on Facebook through there. So if you have this on your calendar every week, or I’ll show you some scheduling programs, that’s what we use. So that one of my employees every on the first day of the month, she schedules the whole month for all of our clients, and then she can go lay on the beach the rest of the month there, or do other, other work related task. But it’s all done and scheduled and we don’t have to lose sleep over did do we have a new post coming out this week? It’s all taken care of.

(22:15): So here’s what offers look like. So that’s the part about you offer a free inspection or 10% off for the month of December, something like that. And it stays live on your profile until the expiration day. I would say that probably the best way to deal with this, I think would be set it for about 30 days out, like the end of the month. And when it expires, go back in and send it for the next month. So it’s kind of like perpetually you have the same offer going all the time, but you always have an offer on your profile. So that people might see that as a sense of urgency and take advantage of that. If you make it that it’s always the same deal, then there’s no sense of urgency there.

(23:06): Next is events. You had a webinar like we’re having here today, that could have been a thing on there as well or any other event. Maybe you wanna even dream up some events just so you have something more to talk about. That’s through there. Events stay live on your profile until the event date. So the earlier you get one started, the better off you are.

(23:43): You also have the ability to add. And so, if you use real photos as opposed to stock photos, they’re gonna get viewed all the more. So this happens to be a cash for junk cars business that, it’s one of our clients and these are real pictures that they have. And so, look at the difference between the number of people that viewed this one as opposed to some of the other ones might be. And so, there’s even different categories to put the different photos in. There’s like team photos, interior, exterior, so taking the time to add new photo photos periodically, and put them in the right categories here. You could see across the top different photo categories, the more likely to have real pictures as opposed to stock images, all the better.

(24:40): And you could even add videos in for where your images go. Before you add your images to your Google Business listing. You could even optimize them. So most people don’t realize that you could just do a right mouse click, rename the image to include a keyword. You could also select properties at that part if you’re on a pc. And then this little box on the right pops up. There’s all kinds of information here, like what’s the title of the image description, who’s the author? Where was the picture taken? Like the GPS coordinates of it, all kinds of image optimization things that you could use.

(25:28): Another part is Google Reviews. So I think probably the best way to deal with that is asking for reviews as just part of the business process. There’s a lot of information about Google reviews for sure, but I think it’s a big factor of that. Whenever I’m on vacation with my wife and I’m hungry, we’re driving down the road and I see a cool looking restaurant to me, on the side and I pull in the parking lot. And my wife says, What are you doing? And I said this looks like a great place to check it out for lunch. And my wife’s like, Oh wait, wait, we can’t just go walking in there. And so, she opens up the listing and sees what the review says and reads all the different ones. And then we usually go back on the highway again and go driving some more until we come to the one that meets her criteria through there.

(26:25): The other one probably would’ve been fine for me, but for whatever reason. But I guess the point is reviews are a big factor in your customers going to your or not. And when people see the three different businesses, like this view is here, it ends up to be, this is one of my businesses, the next one is one of my businesses and this one is one of my students that live in the same area as me. And so, it looks like they did a pretty good job because they’re right below me for the right thing. I think it was just SEO services or something like that. But now, people are making a decision who they’re gonna work with, with who has the most reviews and the highest review score. And then you see this part here, where it talks about three plus years in business and then you see this part underneath here.

(27:22): So this is a friend of mine, Jerry is his name, and when I talked to him, I told him that story about the SEO consultants as a service and he made sure he added that. And look at Google is choosing to put that right out on the front [inaudible 00:27:36] then. Where this one might have SEO specialist through here. But there’s even other companies that I’ve helped out with creating a QR code that goes to the review link. So people of course will take the path of least resistance. So if you just say, Hey, leave me a Google review, everybody’s gonna say, Yeah, yeah, sure, no problem. And then they’ll go to try to act like they’re gonna look it up and maybe don’t find it right away. So then, they’ll go eh, I’ll do that tomorrow. So if you take the time to give them the link right straight to leaving a review, all the better. It’ll be more likely it’s gonna be accomplished through there.

(28:24): Yeah, I’m blessed with having a number of great reviews on my profile. A lot of times it was just mentioning it to the person or maybe even trading some things. So maybe I did some SEO training and people needed a little bit of more help, so then I might remind them that things that would be useful for me that are not money related would be leaving me a review on Google as well. So, not everybody has unlimited funds to be able to pay me, but that’s certainly something that they could do that would be valuable to me as well.

(29:07): When it comes to bad reviews or somebody that might have left a one star review on your listing, holding your head under the sand is not an answer for that. So there was one time, there was an ACE hardware business that had three one star reviews. The first one started by supposedly what the review says was they kicked the young lady out of the business, and they said that she was shoplifting or possibly shoplifting and that’s why they asked her to leave. So she got mad and she left the one star review. The business didn’t take the time to answer that in any way, and just thought that ignoring it would be the best answer. A year later, somebody else read that review and left another one star review that said, Oh my God, I can’t believe the business cared about this so little that they didn’t even take the time to answer that. 

(30:00): Another six months went by, a third person saw the same thing and just wanted to leave their 2 cents, also wanted to just give their own slap across the face for the business still not answering reviews after all of that. So, I think that taking the time to answer reviews is very valuable. I talked to that owner of that ACE hardware and I said, What would it be worth to you to remove those three reviews? What would you be willing to pay? And he kind of sat up in his chair and he says, You could do tha?. And I said, No, I can’t do that, but I just wanted to know what would it be worth to you? And he said, I don’t know you know, $500 a thousand bucks, maybe a little more.

 (30:55): And I asked him the question, By the way, that lady that you had kicked out of the store for shoplifting, what do you think she stole? And he said something that, well, I don’t remember what it was, but it was something that had a value of about $20. So you see the concept now, he’s willing to spend $1,500 to get rid of three reviews that got started because of something that was worth $20. It wasn’t worth it in the end, what they should have done would be, well, number one, maybe not kick somebody out for shoplifting without proof. But either way to get in touch with that person personally, or at least put a review that says, Hey, we’re very sorry, blah, blah, blah. Could you reach out so that we could solve your problem for you? Here’s my email, here’s our phone number, here’s where you could go to fill out a form so that we could start the conversation and making it right for you. So it doesn’t just leave it as an open-ended item like that. So hopefully you never have to go through that type of stuff yourself there.

 (32:08): I had back when I owned my other company before I had one, one star review. And the reason why it was a one star review was because the person that was in charge of following up on leads deemed them they weren’t a good prospect because it didn’t seem like they had a budget. So they didn’t take the time to give them a proposal. And then the one star review said something about like it’s too bad I didn’t get a chance to work with them because after I gave them all of my business information, they never answered me. Ah, so, but see how that ended up coming down like that, that wasn’t good. So I tried to tell that particular employee, Well, just do what you say and say what you do. So if you said that you were gonna give him a proposal by Friday, then you know, you really have to do that. Otherwise, then think about what you’re saying beforehand and figuring it out like that.

 (33:12): So we could talk about scheduling Google posts now. Here’s a number of different companies that offer a scheduling automation part that you could put inside of the there. I’ll let you review some different ones. I’ll put the main ones out and talk about each one of them next.

 (33:36): There are a lot of different choices, and maybe some of them are better choices for you than what I might suggest that are out there. But what we use is Publer, and we use Publer because when we started, it offered five social media connections, no charge. So then we were only adding posts to Google, that’s all we cared about day one. We wanted to be able to schedule that. But if we could also add it to Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and Instagram, it’s like, wow, this is even more valuable and it doesn’t even cost anything. And so, that’s what we do. But Publer realized that they were giving away, I think, a little bit more than they needed to. So now, they cut it back to three profiles. But if you’re doing this, you might as well use one profile for your Google listing, the second one for Facebook, and the third one for LinkedIn or Twitter. And there you go, you get three different posts for the price of the time that it took to create one.

 (34:48): Here’s all the different social media accounts that they connect with. They have a little bit of stuff related to reporting and things like that. You can even make posts reoccurring. I don’t know if you could do that with the free one anymore, but there’s a lot of reasons why you’d want to use the post scheduler. I know when I first started doing this, and it was just me, I was employee number one doing the labor. And I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking like, did I do that post for this client or that client? And that was the first thing I had to take care of as I hired my first employee. And I said to her that’s one of the jobs you’re gonna do. We’re gonna figure out what scheduling program that we’re gonna use.

 (35:38): Here’s what their pricing looks like. So free for up to three different social media accounts here now. And then as you pay the money, then you have access to other accounts to be able to manage it. We’ve had clients with seven Google My Business listings, and then, they have multiple social media accounts. So we’ve had to go with the paid version, which it’s nice having other features like reporting and things like that available that way.

 (36:11): Buffer is another one that’s pretty popular. I don’t personally know as much about this one here, but we just wanted to bring it to your attention. It’s worth checking out. Here’s the different features and social accounts that they connect with. The main thing as you’re looking at these are just making sure that they can connect with Google. Some like prospects that I’m turning into clients, they might be using a scheduling program and they really love it, but that scheduling program doesn’t connect with Google. So then, it’s a hard sell to say, Well, you should change what you’re doing now because you need to post to Google every week. But in my opinion, I mean, that’s kind of worth it. So might as well start out with the right scheduling program from the beginning that allows connecting to Google. Here’s their pricing here. So they offer the same thing, three social media channels, no charge. To me, you could get a lot done like that for no charge, for sure.

 (37:26): But of course, you don’t have to do it yourself. You could hire my company to do it for you. So that’s one of the services that we offer where we optimize profiles, we add posts every week, of course for schedule, like I mentioned. We add images, getting images from you and putting them in the right place and optimizing them, and then doing the reporting at the end of the month. Those are the things that we ended up doing through here. But, here’s all the steps of what we accomplish through there.

 (38:02): And then here’s a resource page on this slide deck. And, everybody that’s registered for this will get an email from us that will be a slide deck, the recording and even the transcriptions of the seminar here, or webinar rather. And that’s it here. So let’s go through here so, I’m gonna show you what it looks like to go through and manage the Google profiles in live time. But feel free to take yourself off mute and ask questions. We don’t have so many people here that we can’t just have conversations about things, asking questions that might be important to you.

 (39:00): So now if I go to Google my business and I hit manage now. This is the view, if you have a whole bunch of different businesses that you’re managing. But what happens now is, if you try to click on one of them, it goes away from the old view and now it goes to the new view. I’ll show you a secret of how to get back though. I don’t really know of anybody else that knows that secret, but I just stumbled upon it looking for some other things through there. So since I’m logged into Google with the account that’s an owner or a manager of this particular profile, it displays that. So if I logged on with a different account and it wasn’t a manager, then I wouldn’t see this. So it would just be what’s offered up to the different businesses like that.

 (39:58): So here, we’ll go through a couple of these. Here’s the part about the business categories. So in this instance, internet marketing service is the primary category, but it’s also a private tutor and a training school and a tutoring service. Here’s a business description here. You can use up to 750 characters and including the keywords that you wanty to rank for as part of this business description is important. There’s the opening date, phone number, website, short name, here’s where it lives on the map, business hours, what holidays were open.

 (40:45): Here’s the part about from the business. It’s kind of a little different here than the other profile because every one of these, it’s either a yes or a no answer. There’s no, I didn’t answer this question, answer, you have to say, are you or are you not? And so, I’m neither of these, so it’s like, I think I was just checking out one of these and then it’s like, oh, that’s different. So then it asks you other questions like, do you have a restroom? Is there a handicap bathroom? All kinds of other questions and I would expect there’s gonna be new questions coming all the time. Here’s reviews.

Speaker 2 (41:34): Just a minute, I have a question?

 (41:35): Sure. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (41:37): You said while ago about the address, if the right address is just D-R, but I’m using the word ‘drive’, does it affect the ranking or the nap, the address?

 (41:55): Yeah, there’s nap like the name, address, phone number. I think in the old days it was a lot bigger of a deal of like making sure that, you’re there. But Google’s smart enough to realize that. But II put that as part of the presentation because if you’re gonna do it, you might as well start out right from the beginning here. So, at least go to figure out what the official address is, and using it in as many places as you can, and have in the back of your mind cuz you know, there’s always new places to add your address all the time. So you just start doing it the right way. I don’t think it’s like, oh my God, I have to do all this work to fix it all. But it’s more of just getting it more accurate in the beginning would be more important in my opinion.

Speaker 2 (42:46): Okay, thank you.

 (42:47): So so if you’re not in the United States, you’re in the Philippines, is that correct? So there must be a Philippine post office. I don’t know of that one, but I would love to learn about tha. What happens if you do a Google search for find official address from, what do you call it in the Philippines, the post office or something different do you call it?

 (43:18): So, here’s reviews. Here’s where you would answer reviews as well. And notice that Google is collecting up these keywords that people are using. And so, if there was a way of coaching people that were leaving reviews for you, that would be, and using the right keywords and things like that. What I would say, is when somebody’s leaving a review, I would say just make sure that you mentioned the service that we offered and how did that make you feel? Or something like that. Then that way by saying it that way, they’re more likely gonna use the keyword and some of the other words like, highest or best or newest or whatever a positive talk.

 (44:21): Taking the time to answer the reviews is important. I remember reading one place that it said with people answering how the business answer the reviews when they’re looking at that. That’s how you tell your prospects how you care about your customers. That was pretty powerful to hear it like that, because that’s true. If I’m not working with this company and I would see how the business answered, that’s a powerful part there.

 (44:52): Here’s photos. And then you just upload photos through here like this, and doing it periodically would be good. Here’s the services and notice that, look at all the services we have, but I don’t know, I think we’re smart for doing that and Google keeps suggesting other ones. We keep thinking of other ones. And then, each one of these it allows up to a 300 word or a 300 character rather description of this. So taking the time to fill all of this information in, I think is helpful.

 (45:44): But you know what, to tell you the truth, there’s a lot of opinions about SEO. So I would say the best way to know the right answer about SEO is to do your own experiments and see how it shakes out. Try to listen to the people like myself, but hey, I didn’t believe everybody or everything that people told me and I wanted to test it myself. And that’s how I think that I got smarter and smarter over the years.

 (46:13): There’s also a question and answer section. So I took the time of priming the pump, I was the one that asked this question, and then as the business owner, I answered the question and through here, But this whole question and answer part is important. I’ve seen it before, like my doctor’s office, people ask questions and they don’t take the time to fill it in. And I’m thinking well, maybe the doctor office doesn’t care about its patients then so much. And there’s a little bit more down through here. You can even add products. So in this instance, it’s a product for a book that I wrote not long ago, and taking the time to link this back to the page that talks about it is important.

 (47:09): So here, I’ll show you the secret to get back to the older version of managing Google profiles. So if you go to edit profile and then contact, and then website, it only shows just the website here. But if you click on the pencil, there’s a Google Business website on the back end too. And if you click on manage, then it flips over to the other view. And then you can go through and, go through all of these parts here.

 (47:46): Here’s all of the posts that we have. Let me talk about best practices for posts. So remember the part about that it expires every seven days, or at least is no longer featured after seven days. So doing one a week is probably the most important factor for staying up on the top of Google in my opinion. But, adding 80 to a hundred words, make sure that you use the keywords that you wanna rank for and then two links. So one link in the body and the other link in the button down through here. So, things like improving your website rankings teach you everything and learn SEO classes, like all those different words we made sure that we included when we wrote this up. And then we linked to this particular page of the website. And this learn more button is linked to the same page.

 (48:54): And then a week previous and we talked about another one of our products or services or even a blog post, like that type of a thing. And then a week earlier we did the same thing for the webinar page. So just keep feeding this through here like this. I think that sometimes people hear me say, You need a link back to your website from here and all of them all go to their homepage. But that’s not the way I would approach it. I would say, each page in the end should get links for all of these.

 (49:30): And you see them in the end here. So one of the things I spotted over here is there was an insight button. So let’s look at what the insights look like from the new one. I don’t remember if that’s different, we’ll explore it together. So performance, it’s the same view as what it was before. So now you get to pick the time period and then different things that happened in that period of time. Some of the keywords that drove visitors, some of them were surprising. Digital marketing institute that would probably be a competitor of anything, but that’s okay. I’ll take the click. And then, how many people that came in. You can see some keywords are more popular than other ones. So, I see this digital marketing course, 532 people found the Google My Business listing. So that might be a good hint for me that I might wanna write a blog post about that. Cuz I don’t think I have any posts that talk about a digital marketing course. They’re all talking about SEO courses. And I might even mention some of these other things with other keywords within the text there of that.

 (51:06): One of the things I spotted here, or I’ve even answered the phone call where people ask me the question like, do you have a certification program? And the answer was no. I don’t really. I don’t have any certifications myself. I just did the work and, I became the expert at it. As opposed to having a diploma on the wall. But some people maybe didn’t work with me in my training business because I didn’t offer that. So then, maybe I should, or maybe I should at least write a blog post that mark’s up here’s the places that you can go. And then I could take advantage of those people that are doing those searches.

Speaker 3 (52:21): Okay.

 (51:52): So anybody else, part of here that you’d like to share to screen and show yours? And I’m happy to kind of go through your profile a little bit and talk about the different things that might be improved if you’d like to. Otherwise, then look for the thank you email with the link to the presentation and the video. Okay, Thank you very much. Talk to you later.