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SEO has been an innovator in education, mentorship, positive peer pressure, high standards, and networks to turn untapped potential into newfound greatness.

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SEOSundays creates a more equitable society giving opportunities for motivated young people, startup business owners, and the community, SEOSundays will create a powerful, lifelong network to help them keep up in the fast-growing digital transformation of marketing and online presence.

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1ON1 SEO Training

1ON1 SEO training offers search engine optimization lessons via online and face-to-face personalized SEO classes that offer students a chance to learn about topics that are pertinent to their business and at a pace that suits their needs.

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Bruce Jones SEO

An expert in the art of search engine optimization strategy and thinking like a customer. Past digital marketing agency owner for 10 years and taught at a local college. Holds 7 current Google certifications. 

Social Media

Jovie Social

Jovie Social is your full-scale marketing partner offering social media services that include everything from social media strategy to social media advertising. Expand your reach, engage your community and build a following..

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What about the small local business? Getting backlinks for smaller companies is often a race for survival. They either buy a large number of low-quality links (which often does not meet expectations), or they abandon the idea of sponsorship and give preference to business needs.

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